Eversafe portable anti-corrosion CO2 fire extinguisher

Manufacture: Eversafe
Product code: CR-MCO-10,CR-MCO-20,CR-MCO-45,CR-MCO-10T

⭐  CO2 fire extinguisher-10kg,20kg,45,kg Carbon dioxide extinguisher is an effective fire extinguishing agent provide unique features to the user. It works by extinguishing the flame by reducing the oxygen content around the fire. Carbon dioxide is the ideal agent for use on Class B and C fires. It does not conduct electricity and is particularly effective against with fires in factories and electrical equipment. Carbon dioxide extinguishers are used in industries to protect against complex industrial fires involving hazardous chemicals and gases. Carbon dioxide does not degrade when stored or frozen in a container. It disperses after application and leaves no contamination or corrosive residue.


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Product information


- Color coded self-adhesive strip (compliant with BS381 ref: 166)

- Stainless steel neckband, lever and bottom handle

- Outer body is covered with Epoxy Marine coating system

- Body with clamp (Nickle Chromed)

- Reinforced synthetic rubber hose

- Maintenance record card

- High performance

Bình chữa cháy CO2 chống ăn mòn di động Eversafe

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model CR-MCO-10 CR-MCO-20 CR-MCO-45 CR-MCO-10T
Type Pressure storage tank
Tank CO2 - Carbin Dioxit
Capacity 10kg 20kg 45kg 10kg x 2
Type Single bottle Double vase
Operating Head Pai-Mark brass screw valve (TPED) with safety valve
Cylinder Thread 25E
Nozzle High pressure injection
Diameter x length 9,5mm x 6 m
Nhựa có van bật/tắt
Thông số Cylinder EN1964 Phần 1 TPED
Đường kính 156 mm 204 mm 267 mm 156 mm
Chiều cao 615 mm 815 mm 1470 mm 615 mm
Khung xe đẩy Ống thép
Chiều cao tổng thể 1065 mm 1210 mm 1400 mm 1040 mm
Chiều rộng 465 mm 565 mm 630 mm 515 mm
Chiều sâu 860 mm 1260 mm 1380 mm 1050 mm
Trọng lượng bình 34 kg 81 kg 98 kg 51 kg
Trọng lượng tổng 44 kg 101 kg 143 kg 71 kg
Lớp phủ bên ngoài Hệ thống sơn Epoxy Marine trên cơ thể phun cát
Sơn Cylinder và khung Tín hiệu Red-RAL 3000
Đường kính bánh xe 300 mm
Nhiệt độ làm việc - 20 ° C đến + 60 ° C
Áp suất làm việc (20 ° C) 56 bar
Áp suất thử Cylinder 250 bar
Thời gian xả 53 giây 61 giây 90 giây 83 giây
Khoảng cách xả 4 m
Fire rating 70B C 89B C 144 BC 89B C
Tiêu chuẩn SX và thiết kế BS EN 1866


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