Eversafe Malaysia ABC Trolley Fire Extinguisher MPG-25 MPG-50

Manufacture: Eversafe
Product code: MPG-25,MPG-50

MPG-25,MPG-50  ABC Malaysia powder fire extinguisher
⭐  25 kg and 50 kg designed on trolley wheels combination of SRI Malaysia fire sprinkler and VK100 viking sprinkler linked The latest fire extinguisher quotation system 2020


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Product information

- The EVERSAFE Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher is certified to BS EN 1886 and manufactured according to an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System. It is designed to protect people and property in hazardous areas. high buildings, where there is always the possibility of a large-scale fire. Mobile devices have significantly greater extinguishing capacity than portable extinguishers, and are highly maneuverable and can be easily operated by only one person.

- The EVERSAFE portable dry powder fire extinguisher is effective on Class A (carbonaceous), Class B (flammable liquids) and Class C (flammable gas) fires. It is also suitable for use on direct electrical fires. It is recommended for use in refineries, airports, ships, chemical plants, offshore platforms, garages, warehouses, farms and heavy production ares.

Bình chữa cháy Eversafe Malaysia ABC xe đẩy(MPG-25,MPG-50 )


Type MPG-25 MPG-50
Type Gas tank type
Weight (kg) 25 50
Type ABC Dry
Extinguishing Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Valve/valve head brass
Box CO2 550gram 1kg
Nozzle 13mm x 6m 16mm x 6m
Chassis is full Steel pipe / flat bar
Structure Steel
Tank diameter (mm) 250 386
Tank Height(mm) 890 975
Width (mm) 460 570
Rear pitch (mm) 580 730
Weight(kg) 28 43
Rear pitch (mm) 53 93
Working temperature -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
Working pressure (20°C) 12 bar
Test pressure 21,5 bar
Discharge time(seconds) 52 71
Discharge Range(m) 9 11
Fire Rating / Class A IB C A IIB C
Paint vase RAL 3000 Flame Red Polyester Powder Coating
Production certificate BS EN 1866: 2007


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