Eversafe fire hose reel fixed CE,EH25 FPM 09BR ,EH19 FPM 09BR

Manufacture: Eversafe
Product code: EH25-FPM-09BR ,EH19-FPM-09BR

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Product information

- 02 types: manual and automatic.

- Available in different arm types i.e. swing arm, fixed tube, etc.

- Waterways made of non-ferrous materials to prevent corrosion.

- Automatic hose reel is equipped with a stop valve that opens fully automatically after 3 revolutions of the reel.

- Certified TUV, SIRM, LPCB and SAI Global.

- Designed and certified to BS EN671-1, BS EN694 and AS1221.

Cuộn vòi chữa cháy Eversafe cố định chuẩn CE,EH25-FPM-09BR ,EH19-FPM-09BR


Model EH25-FPM-09BR EH19-FPM-09BR
Disc Diameter (mm) 567 567
Pipe Diameter & Length(mm) 25mm x 30m 19mm x 30m
Dim A x B x C (mm) 565 x 190 x 265 565 x 160 x 235
Working/testing pressure 12 Bar / 18 Bar
Minimum flow rate 34 Ltr/phút 28 Ltr/phút
Paint paint Expoxy Polyester đỏ (RAL 3000)
Design & manufacture BS EN 671 - 1: 2001


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