Escape Hammer Extremely Necessary In Car


Escape Hammer Extremely Necessary In Car

- An emergency exit hammer is an essential item needed in a car. When suddenly encountering a bad situation such as an accident or a stuck door, the emergency exit hammer will help people in the car break the door and escape safely. Currently on the market, emergency escape hammers are pre-equipped in cars when manufactured or are widely sold everywhere in the market with many diverse models and different manufacturers.

- According to information issued ''From July 1, 2011, Decree 33/2011/ND-CP amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree 34/2010/ND-CP dated April 2, 2010 of The Government's regulations on administrative penalties (VPHC) in the field of road traffic will take effect. - Accordingly, drivers of cars and car-like vehicles who do not have enough escape tools

- Car escape hammers, fire-fighting equipment or have them but are ineffective will be fined from 300,000 - 500,000 VND''. Therefore, to ensure your own safety and avoid being fined, please prepare an escape hammer right now.


Búa Thoát Hiểm Vật Dụng Vô Cùng Cần Thiết Trên Ô Tô

The structure of the escape hammer is common on the market today

- A small emergency hammer has a length of about 15cm and a width of 7.5cm. The hammer head is made of metal with a sharp tip, making it easy to break the car glass with a moderate impact, the hammers are made of synthetic plastic or hard rubber. In addition, the hammer handle is equipped with a hidden blade that can help you cut the seat belt in the car in case of an accident.

- Specialized escape hammer, this type of hammer is structured and designed with a large impact force in case the door frame has a large glass thickness, with this specialized escape hammer the user can easily break the glass to escape. out of big fires

Where is the Best Place to Buy an Escape Hammer?

- This is a question that Southeast receives a lot from customers, currently Southeast is researching the market and the best quality escape hammer products so that Southeast will bring the product as soon as possible. This is to serve customers.

- Currently, the product of emergency hammers from specialized to small types can be easily consulted at many stores selling this product. - In addition to the emergency hammer product, customers who are in need of buying or learning about genuine fire protection equipment can refer to the products of Southeast, customers can directly go to the store or Contact Dong Nam via phone number to receive direct advice on products, origin, and prices

- At Dong Nam we always commit that the products sold are genuine, have clear origin, product warranty according to the committed time, attractive after-sales programs, transportation and installation. Place products on site. In addition, customers who want to be agents or import goods in large quantities will receive extremely attractive product discounts from Southeast.

- Currently Southeast is selling pccc products in Ho Chi Minh City, intends to develop stores in the soonest time in Vietnam, Currently customers in other provinces want Buying products from the Southeast, we have a policy of shipping products to all provinces and cities across the country with extremely appropriate fees.

- Once again, Dong Nam would like to thank customers for their interest in fire safety products from Southeast, wish them good health, prosperity, and sustainable development.




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