EN1866 trolley powder fire extinguisher

Manufacture: SRI
Product code: EN1866 trolley

Instructions for using the trolley fire extinguisher Provide all kinds of synthetic foam fire extinguishers
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Product information

The SRI ABC Trolley Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher is effective for use on Class A, B & C fires and is ideal for high-risk fires. The trolley unit can be operated by one person and is suitable for high-risk areas such as industrial facilities.

Available form: Pressure Type



Box type:



  Pressure Type Type box    
Model FEX220-MS-250-EN FEX221-MS-500-EN FEX225-MS-250-EN FEX222-MS-500-EN
Capacity 25kg 50kg 25kg 50kg
Projectiles Nitơ Nitơ Box nitơ 0,28kg Box nitơ 0,86kg
Fire rating A II BC      
Working temprature -30 CC đến 60 CC      
Working pressure 14 bar      
Maximum pressure 25 bar      
Full weight 55kg 95kg 60kg 106kg
Approx Size (WxLxH mm) 460x550x940 560x700x1020 460x550x940 560x750x1020
Approx. Time 18-25 second 33-40 second 16-24 second 43-57 second
Approx. Spray range 10m      


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