Ejector Pump, Thrust Pump FP-EP-01 and FP-EP-02

Manufacture: Newage
Product code: FP-EP-01 và FP-EP-02

Construction material: Aluminum alloy
✔️ Working pressure: Max 145 PSI / 10 kg/cm 2, Min-72 PSI / 5 kg/cm2, Feed water inlet: 2 ½” instantaneous according to BS 336 / IS 903, Suction inlet: 4” round male thread, Suction output: 4” round male thread, Maximum suction depth: 10 meters


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
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Model Hiệu suất
FP-EP-01 170 GPM / 645 LPM @100 PSI / 7 kg/cm2
FP-EP-02 150 GPM / 570 LPM @100 PSI / 7 kg/cm2

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