EASY powder fire extinguisher

Manufacture: SRI
Product code: FEX115-MS-120-DF

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EASY fire extinguisher

- Magnesium, potassium, sodium titanium, alkyllithium, Grignards, and diethylzinc are highly flammable and must be used with caution and appropriate safety measures. These chemicals react violently with water, air, and other chemicals and cause Class D fires, which burn at high temperatures. As such, ordinary fire extinguishers are not sufficient for this type of fire.

- D Extinguishers containing sodium chloride or graphite metal powder. When discharging over a fire, the heat causes the dough to expand and form a shell that does not include air and dissipates heat.

Available bottle models:



Weight 12kg
Working Temprature -20 ° C đến 60 ° C
Working Pressure 14 bar
Height 605mm
Total weight 19kg
Maximum pressure 25 Bar
Model FEX115-MS-120-DF


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