Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Pri-safety 1Kg 2Kg 6Kg 9Kg 12Kg

Manufacture: pri safety
Product code: 1Kg 2Kg 6Kg 9Kg 12Kg

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher CE/EN3/MED/DNV), pri-safety fire china, new 100%, contact 0917911114


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

- British Standards Institution(BSI) certifiedto BS EN3

- ISO 9001 certified quality management system by BSI

- Suitable against class A(carbonaceous), B(flammable liquid), class C(flammable gas) and live electrical fires

- All fire extinguishers must be serviced in accordance with BS5306

- Polyester powder external coating

- All fire extinguishers are tested no leakage

Capacity 1Kg 2Kg 6Kg 9Kg 12Kg
Item No. PG1A PG2A PG6A PG9A PG12A
Cylinder Length(mm) 270 317 422 489 581
Volume (L) 1.25 2.5 7.5 11.25 13.5
Full Weihgt(kg) 2.4 4.1 9.8 14.2 18
Temperautre Range -30+60℃ -30+60℃ -30+60℃ -30+60℃ -30+60℃
Working Pressure(bar) 14 14 14 14 14
Testig Pressure(bar) 27 27 27 27 27
Discharge Time (s) 9 11 17 20 20
Fire Class (ABC40%) 5A 34B C 13A 70B C 27A 144B C 34A 233B C 43A 233B C
Fire Class (ABC70% 8A 34B C 13A 70B C 34A 183B C 55A 233B C 55A 233B C
Packing Size(mm) 485x250x365 370x250x415 170x165x560 205x200x605 205x200x700
Quantity/CTN (pcs) 10 6 1 1 1
Quantity/20ft(pcs) 6300 4100 1800 1100 1100


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