Dry powder fire extinguisher, ABC fire extinguisher

Manufacture: IFP India firecheck-Ấn độ
Product code: D5AMD-SM, D10AMD-SM

D5AMD-SM, D10AMD-SM Type 5kg, 10kg Modular dry powder fire extinguisher filled with MAP-enriched ABC type dry chemical powder ✅ It is an automatic fire extinguisher and widely applicable to general trades
⭐  Nitrogen gas is used in fire extinguishers as expulsion agent. Dry chemical powder is automatically discharged in the form of a stream when receiving heat the fire Genuine imported, supplied in quantity, 12 months warranty


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Product information


- Automatic fire extinguisher

- Light-weight

- Suitable for classes A, B, C and electric fire

- Easy operation and minimal maintenance

The operating temperature range is 20°C to 55°C (thermal4°F to 131°F) Application

- The IFP FireChek Modular Type Automatic Fire Extinguisher is designed to protect localized fire hazards of different types. It is useful in industrial and commercial fire protection needs. Various applications include:

- Library

- Museum

- Showroom

- Store office

- Residential area

- Factory factory

- Paint booth


MOC Mild steel Mild steel
Weight 5kg 10kg
Test pressure,kg/cm2 30 30
Discharge time 5-10 s 10-15 s
Spray flow 0,5-1kg/s 0,6-1kg/s
Print discharge range m2 3-5 7-8
Extinguishing Nitrogen Nitrogen


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