Drencher Nozzle, HD Fire Varsha-30 Nozzle

Manufacture: HD Fire
Product code: Varsha-30

HD Fire Varsha-30 is a 100% effective fire protection device Combined with drencher nozzle  Quantity supply
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Detailed description of HD Fire Varsha-30 Lăng

The HD Fire Varsha-30 is a fixed overall flow nozzle designed for heavy duty use on fixed screens. Factory set for required traffic between 400 and 600 GPM. Flow can be changed in the field by replacing pistons or adding gaskets. Flow pattern can be easily changed in flow conditions. High-end fog model with variable tooth field. Excellent for AFFF application when used with premixed foam solutions. The HD Fire Varsha-30 is available in three different materials, solid aluminum or Copper or SS coated stainless steel. The performance data shown in this catalog is the effective flow trajectories in the stationary state of the air conditioner. The maximum overall reach of the last drop of water is approximately 3-5% higher than the given effective stream efficiency data. The effective flow is reduced by about 10% when used as a foam nozzle with a pre-mixed water foam solution. Jet stream can be significantly affected with tail or headwinds.

Đầu Phun Drencher, Lăng Phun Chữa Cháy HD Fire Varsha-30, Thiết Bị Phòng Cháy CHữa Cháy

Specifications of HD Fire Varsha-30 Fixed a bug where the sprinkler would flow heavily for use with the monitor Factory set up for fixed flow 1500 to 2850 lpm (400 to 750 gpm) Easy pattern change in flow conditions straight stream to wide fog Replacement tooth revolving field Excellent water flow used as a sprinkler or a non-suction foam nozzle Flow is set at 6.9 bar (100 psi) which can be changed 5.6 to 12 bar (80 to 175 psi), if needed 2.5" BSP . Swivel Input Base Working pressure: 12 Bar (175 PSI .) Approximate weight: Constructed of Hard Anodized Aluminum or Corrosion Resistance Copper Material Weight : Aluminum Nozzle - 3.4 Kg , Bronze Nozzle - 6.5 Kg Stainless Steel - 6 Kg

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