DOTD-230-B,Normal temperature optical smoke detector (black)

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: DOTD-230-B

Conventional photo-thermal and temperature smoke detectors with LEDs
✔️status indication and remote pilot output, alarm system, Black. Requires Z-200-B or Z-200-BH connector base ,CPR certified EN54-5 and EN54-7 , Dimensions: 100 x 40 mm


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Product information

o Sleek design, low profile

o Dust compensation

o Anti-dirt and anti-insect net

o Heat function for measuring temperature

o Fixed heat function at 58 C

o Non-polarized 2-wire connection

o Remote pilot output

o Compatible with any common console

o Certificate of CPR EN 54-5 and EN 54-7


Working voltage:

Standby consumption:

Consumption in alarm:

9 to 38VDC

<100 μA

<100 mA

Temperature -10ºC to 70ºC
Humidity 95%
Protections class IP20
Detector (height x diameter) 42 mm x 100 mm
Base (height x diameter) 5 mm x 100 mm
Structure ABS
Certifications EN54-5 và EN54-7 số 0370-CPR-2006


DOTD-230-B,Đầu báo khói quang nhiệt độ thường (màu đen)

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