Doosan DP180LA Diesel Fire Pump Price

Manufacture: Doosan
Product code: DP180LA

Price of Doosan DP180LA Diesel fire pump
⭐Extremely powerful 550 kW, maximum fuel saving pccc pump, design suitable for Vietnamese environment , genuine import, free consultation ,long-term warranty, installation and construction of fire pump systems at good prices


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Product information

Giá máy bơm chữa cháy Diesel Doosan DP180LA

Specifications: DOOSAN DP158LC- 550 KW . engine Model :DP180LA Power (KW): 550 Rotation (RPM) : 1500 Loading method: water cooled, combined with shaft blower Made in Korea Price: 0917.911.114 VND Featured

- Engine helps the machine operate better, save more fuel.

- There are many capacities to choose from, strong speed.

- High reliability and durability.

- Doosan products achieve the highest performance.

- The details used in Doosan's machinery are designed in-house to ensure maximum performance and quality. Application

- Used in the installation of fire pumps

- Urban and rural water supply and drainage

- Industry

- Flood prevention

- Aquaculture

- High-rise buildings, apartments

- Fire protection

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