DLL-TESTER, Talentum Fire Detector Test Kit (UV, UV IR, UV IR², IR³, IR², IR)

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: DLL-TESTER

Tester to test the Talentum fire detector range (UV, UV/IR, UV/IR², IR³, IR², IR)
✔️This tester has been designed to produce a wide range of output signals Optical , Portable device with rechargeable NiCd battery. desired optical output type (continuous, intermittent, flame-like flashing) ,Timeout between tests is 30s ,Range of 3 meters. Allows testing in intrinsically safe areas (see user guide for this application).


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Product information

• Broad spectrum output - UV, Visible, Near IR, Medium IR

• Test a variety of flame sensors UV, UV/IR, UV/IR², IR³, IR², IR

• Portable with Charger and Rechargeable NiCd Battery Pack

• Selectable optical output type Continuous lighting Frequent flicker source (Frequency range) Irregular flicker sources (Same flame)

• Selectable optical output intensity with LED bar graph indicator

• Range is usually 3 meters or more

• 30 seconds waiting time for each test

• Auxiliary 24Vdc power supply for testing


DLL-TESTER, Bộ kiểm tra đầu báo cháy Talentum (UV, UV / IR, UV / IR², IR³, IR², IR)

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