DLL-IR3 (16589),IR³ Fire Detector (three infrared)

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: DLL-IR3 (16589)

IR triple infrared fire detector (three infrared rays) ✔️Designed, manufactured and certified according to EN 54-10, 90
° detection cone and up to 45 meters detection distance,It combines the heads Selectable output , Dry contact relay output or 4-20 mA output , Programmable sensitivity. It incorporates filters and microprocessor analysis to eliminate false alarms. Spectral response in infrared: 0.75 to 2.7 µm. Power supply 14 - 30 V. Consumption: 28 mA ,Zinc alloy IP65 housing protection class , Dimensions: 142 x 108 x 82 mm.


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Product information


• Excellent immunity to false sources

• Resistant to smoke, vapors, dust and mists

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas

• Unaffected by convection currents, drafts or winds

• Proven response to many fuels

• Multi-spectral detection

• Selectable output options

• Selectable response rate

• Selectable sensitivity levels

• Integrate automatic and manual testing

• Low current consumption

• Quick response to fire


• Oil factory

• Compressor station

• Refueling price

• Chemical factory

• Tunnel

• Recycle rubbish

• Nuclear power website

• Tank

• Engine room

• Spray booth

• Pharmaceutical production

• Military applications

• Marine industry

• Aircraft hangar

• Coal handling

• Printing

• Offshore / Onshore Petrochemicals

• Production of LNG / LPG

• Biomass storage and treatment


DLL-IR3 (16589),Đầu báo cháy IR³ (ba hồng ngoại)

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