Diagram of Operational Principle of Fire Alarm System


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Another fire protection device  that plays a particularly important role in controlling a fire when it is first ignited is the fire alarm system because it is the locomotive device that activates the remaining devices. Moreover, time is an extremely important factor in firefighting. The earlier a fire is detected, the more likely it is to minimize loss of life and property. Therefore, when installing, we should understand the operating principles of the equipment to be able to build effective fire protection at the enterprise.

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Working principle of automatic fire alarm system:

Sơ Đồ Nguyên Lý Hoạt Động Hệ Thống Báo Cháy

The fire alarm system includes: fire detector, emergency push button, smoke detector, fire alarm light, fire siren, ....

The automatic fire alarm system includes 3 states: standing, fire alarm, and incident.

Usually when fire alarm system installation will be in permanent mode because when in standing mode, the fire alarm center always has a signal to check the working process of the equipment in the system and is returned to the center for periodic maintenance. . In the permanent monitoring mode, if there is an error signal from the equipment, the fire alarm center will give an error signal or no signal will be displayed on the screen. When troubleshooting the crash mode ends and goes to permanent mode.

Environmental factors, fire, temperature, smoke and light will change the impact on the fire detector, the impact of these factors when the working threshold is reached, the fire alarm system will generate a transmitted signal. to the center to process signal processing according to the installed program. Then give notice to the area where the fire is happening through the center speaker and the screen, and the device will also activate to emit a fire alarm signal.

When the fire alarm center is installed with a monitoring function, the equipment will change in status such as: the fire pump works, the flow switch works, the system will switch to the change monitoring mode. status.

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