Detnov SGMCB200 Outdoor Use Wireless Output Module

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: SGMCB200

Wireless output module for general system outdoor use
✔️ Designed, manufactured and certified according to EN54-25 standard, Equipped with twin lithium batteries that ensure module operation within approx. 5 years, fully supervised, Designed to control external equipment that needs to be activated, such as fire doors, gates, etc., It can be linked to any point in the system, NO/NC Relay Contacts,The module includes a 12 V/24 V unattended output with a maximum current of 40 mA/20 mA. Protection level IP65. Dimensions: 135 x 95 x 57 mm , Working frequency 868MHz.


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Product information

+ Features

- 3rd party approval for EN54-18 and EN54-25

- Compatible with all Argus . translators and wireless extenders

- Expected battery life 3 years

- Self-optimization of wireless frequency and amplitude algorithms

- Totally smart

- Change relay function and 24V . output

- Locally programmable 12V/24V output

+ Specifications

- Operating frequency range 868 - 870 MHz

- Maximum radiated power 5dBm (3mW)

- A type of FSK . radio signal modulation - 7 . operating frequency channels

- An extended machine or translator communication range 150 m (in open spaces)

- IP rating 65 A Maximum humidity (non-condensing) 95% RH

- Weight (without battery) 210 g

- Main battery & auxiliary battery CR123A (3V & 1.2 Ah)

- Relay Specifications A 2A (60W) @ 30V dc

- Temperature range (no freezing) -10°C to +55°C

- Max available current 50mA @ 12V dc 50mA @ 24V dc - 5.6K . error monitoring resistor

- BS EN 54-18: Input / output devices

- BS EN 54-25: Components using radio link and system requirements

+ Dimension drawings

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