Detnov DTD-215A High Temperature Detector 78ºC

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: DTD-215A ,DTD-215A-I

High temperature detector (78ºC) for addressable system
✔️ incorporating verification algorithms and dirt compensation, status LED indicator and output for anti-theft or remote control system, anti-theft system ( Z-200 only) White color ,Allows installation without polarization. Requires Z-200 or Z-200-H connector base ,CPR EN 54-5 certificate. Dimensions 100mm x 40mm.


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Product information


o Sleek design, low profile

o Fixed heat function at 78 C

o Non-polarized 2-wire connection

o Remote pilot output

o Compatible with any Detnov Analog console

o Certificate of CPR EN54-5 and EN54-17

o Directions 1-250 on detour or DTD-215A-I with isolator. Connection respecting polarity


Detnov's comprehensive range of 200 series detectors enables reliable fire detection thanks to its advanced analytical technology. Depending on the risk to be protected, the sensor topology will have to be chosen of a detector that can choose between: optical, thermal, thermoelectric or a combination of the aforementioned sensors. Detnov fire detectors have been developed to ensure a quick response to fire, meeting the highest quality standards and certifications demanded in the market. Unique reliability in detecting and protecting facilities to reduce false alarms, tailored to the most demanding applications.



Working voltage:

Consumption in standby mode:

Consumption in alarm:

22 to 38VDC

<300 μA

<11 mA

Connector 2 x 1.5 mm2 braided and shielded connections with Z-200 . base
Temperature  -10ºC to 90ºC
Humidity 95%
Protections class IP IP20
Detector (Diameter x height) 40 mm x 100 mm
Base (diameter x height) 5 mm x 100 mm
Structure ABS
Certifications EN 54-5 y EN 54-17 (DTD-215A solo EN 54-5

Certificate No. DTD-215A FEMALE

Certificate No. DTD-215A-I FEMALE




Đầu báo nhiệt độ cao 78ºC Detnov DTD-215A

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