Detnov DOD-220A-I Addressable Isolated Optical Smoke Detector

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: DOD-220A,DOD-220A-I

Optical smoke detector with integrated isolator for analog systems
✔️combining verification algorithms and dirt compensation, status LEDs and outputs for anti-theft or remote control systems, anti-theft systems ( Z-200 only) White , Requires Z-200 or Z-200-H docking station. Certificate of CPR EN 54-7 and EN 54-17. Dimensions: 100mm x 40mm


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o Sleek design, low profile

o Dust compensation

o Anti-dirt and anti-insect net

o Non-polarized 2-wire connection

o Remote pilot output

o Compatible with any Detnov analog console

o Certificate of CPR EN 54-7 and EN 54-17

o Directions 1-250 on detour or DOD-220A-I with isolator. Connection respecting polarity


The DOD-220A and DOD-220A-I detectors are specified for installation of fire protection in premises where a flame will generate more smoke than heat, or in premises where temperatures are normally high. based on its performance.


Working voltage:

Consumption in standby mode:

Consumption in alarm:

22 to 38VDC

<300 μA

<11 mA

Base 2 x 1,5 mm2
temperature -10ºC đến 70ºC
Humidity 95%
Class IP IP40
Detector (Diameter x height) 42 mm x 100 mm
Base (diameter x height) 5 mm x 100 mm
Structure ABS
Certifications EN 54-7 y EN 54-17 (DOD-220A solo EN 54-7)

Certificate No. DOD-220A FEMALE

Certificate No. DOD-220A-I FEMALE




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