Detnov CAD-150 Addressable fire alarm control panel with 4 loops

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: CAD-150-4

Addressable fire alarm control panel with 4 rings. Up to 1,000 addresses (250 addresses per loop: detector, module, audio or manual call point). Self-searching and self-diagnosis function. 250 programmable zones, 6,000 event history logs, free maintenance and configuration software, USB configuration, 2 supervised audio outputs and 2 configurable relay outputs. Graphic LCD display. Auxiliary output of 24V 500mA. Metal box. Multi-language keyboard. Networkable (F-Network or S-Network) up to 32 control panels o repeaters via RS485 or fiber optic cable. Modbus output for integration and contact ID for connection to CMS (optional). Full remote access to control panel if TED-151-CL (Detnov Cloud) tag is added. CPR certificates EN54-2, EN54-4 and EN54-13. Claim does not include 2 BTD-1207 batteries. Dimensions: 430 x 360 x 120 mm


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

Includes models

- CAD-150-4 (4 Loop-Loop)

- CAD-150-8 (8 loop-Loop)

- CAD-150-8-PLUS (8 loop-Loop)

° Self-search, self-diagnosis and auto-address function

°Dual address detection

° Log up to 6,000 events

° Up to 250 Indication detection zones

° 40 zones

° 250 non-polarized devices per loop (2)

° Up to 50 sounds per loop (1)

° Alarms and fault relays

° Two supervised audio outputs Auxiliary output

° 24V Day and night configuration Detector sensitivity configuration

° Compatible with Detnov Cloud

°Compatible with SGD-151 . graphics software

°Free configuration and monitoring software

° USB plug configuration

° Up to 32 consoles in one network (F network and S network)

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