Deluge Valves 68 DE EL HRV

Product code: 68 DE EL HRV

Electrically or hydraulically, pilot controlled deluge/pre-action valve, actuated by the pipeline pressure. The valve is closed in its normal, set position and opens when the hydraulic pressure drops in a pressurized water pilot line, releasing a hydraulic relay, or by an electric command. An emergency manual release valve is fitted as standard.



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High pressure (PN25/375psi), high flow deluge systems

Automatic or local manual emergency actuation

Hazardous, flammable & explosion classified area fire suppression

Superior design featuring exceptionally low pressure losses at high flow rates

Low lifelong maintenance costs due to straightforward design

Applicable for fresh or brackish water, seawater & foam

Out of box fully assembled & tested valves

Can be installed vertically or horizontally

Extensive valve & trim materials selection & corrosion coating



• ANSI FCI 70-2 Class VI seat leakage class

• Fire tested to EN ISO 6182-5:2006 (2”- 6” only)

• UL listed under VLFT category

• Lloyd’s & ABS approvals


Automatic or Manual Actuated Fire Suppression Systems

Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Installations


Power Generation, Transformer & Transmission Plants

Flammable Storage

Hangars & Airport Terminals

Onshore / Offshore



The basic control valve [1] in this deluge system is a direct sealing elastomeric diaphragm, hydraulically operated control valve engineered specifically for fire protection systems.

In the standby position, the deluge valve is held closed by the upstream water pressure, trapped in the valve’s control chamber. The water pressure enters the control chamber through the priming line ball valve [2] , a Y-type strainer [3], a check valve [4] and a T-restrictor [5].

Under fire conditions, the deluge valve opens automatically under any of the following circumstances:

1. A fire alarm control panel (F&G panel) energizes the 3/2-way N.O. solenoid [10] (or de-energizes the coil of a continuously energized ED 100% normally closed solenoid for SIL 3-4 rated systems).
2. The pressure in the wet (hydraulically pressurized) pilot line drops, following bursting of one (or
more) of the automatic sprinklers.

When this happens, the pressure in the relay valve [9] drops, causing it to open and allowing the water to drain the deluge valve’s control chamber. The deluge valve opens instantly and allows water to flow the pipeline and through the open sprinklers over the protected area.

Manual emergency actuation is enabled by opening the emergency manual activation valve [6]. The deluge valve opens instantly and allows water to flow the pipeline and through the open sprinklers over the protected area.

Deluge Valves 68 DE EL HRV


Deluge Valves 68 DE EL HRV

(1) Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

(2) Refer to materials selection guidelines, Engineering Data - Materials: Ductile Iron A-536 65-45-12; Cast Steel A-216 WCB; Cast Steel A-352 LCB; Austenitic
Stainless Steel A-351/CF8M; Super Duplex 2507; Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze B-148 UNS C95800

(3) Consult factory

Deluge Valves 68 DE EL HRV

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