Deluge Alarm Valve,Rain Alarm Valve

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Deluge valve can be opened in a flash, let the water the valve cavity the water distribution pipe network automatic valves.


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Deluge Alarm Valve,Rain Alarm Valvewater supply control valve, with the aid of auxiliary operation institutions to open pipeline system of water supply to the deluge system or preaction system closed pipeline system of a kind of automatic water supply control valve, the valve electric, mechanical or other way to open it.

Features Deluge Alarm Valve,Rain Alarm Valve

Deluge valve group is mainly composed of water control valves, butterfly valves, deluge valve, manual emergency device, automatic water valve, drain valves, water supply side cavity pressure gauges, control, etc.

When there is a fire, the fire linkage motion control module, open the solenoid valve, by controlling the export of cavity through to atmospheric pressure. Due to the pressure-relief devices used to control the import of cavity effect, to control the pressure inside the cavity fell sharply, when the control cavity pressure is lower than the pressure of water supply to a certain value, the function in the bottom of the valve cover upward force is greater than the downward force on leverage on the disc. The deluge valve disc is open water supply pressure, the water flows the fire extinguishing system side, control cavity pressure gauge installed in the protection zone of fire detection system are the same that deluge valve disc drive system control.

It can be electric, hydraulic (wet), pneumatic (dry).

Deluge alarm valve main form:

Deluge Alarm Valve,Rain Alarm Valve

Deluge Alarm Valve,Rain Alarm Valve

Technical Deluge Alarm Valve,Rain Alarm Valve

Deluge Alarm Valve,Rain Alarm Valve

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