Manufacture: DEKON
Product code: DEKON SB604F

Best type fire alarm base SB604F used for dekon fire alarm system with price: 0917911114


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The SB604F fire alarm base in addition to features is designed with ABS plastic and diverse product compatibility. The SB604F fire alarm base really gives users a new and different look. Built-in 4 LED lights - What do you think a fire alarm will do? Yes, as you might think, it only has the feature to alert as many people as possible through its sound intensity whenever a fire occurs. However, today with the increasing requirements of life, DEKON has brought to users a special line of fire siren bases that integrate 4 more LED lights. Thus, when the SB604F fire alarm base combines with the sirens to create a multifunctional product that brings high alarm efficiency (In addition to the alarm by the horn, it also alarms with extremely high intensity of red light for users to quickly as quickly as possible). The signal is stable and stable over time through the contact pins between the siren and the base made of stainless steel. The sirens are usually mounted on high, so the siren bases have been optimized to connect with the horn for maximum convenience for the construction workers. This is a plus point for the product when it is designed the perspective of the constructor. Diameter: 12cm. Height: 4.3cm For good prices and technical advice on SB604F fire siren base and related products to addressable fire alarm systems and conventional fire alarm systems, please do not hesitate to contact the information below! See more fire alarm bases here



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