Manufacture: DEKON
Product code: DEKON SA340F

SA340 Loop Addressable Indoor Acoustic Transmitter with Flasher, Red, 4 Animated Leds, Sound Pressure Level 95dBA at 1 meter, Alarm Current < 4mA, EN54-3 Compliant,


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Product information

Indoor Fire Sirens with lights SA340F are factory-manufactured according to the European standard frame EN54-3. Not only that, the lights of the fire alarm work with the characteristic red color of fire protection and the amount of light emitted is extremely intense to help users quickly recognize when there is an alarm. This helps users always feel secure when using. Moreover, the manufacturer has put more advanced features in the product.


+ SA340F fire alarm without external power still works normally.

+ The power source that the fire alarm uses is a 300mA NiMh battery. With the battery feature that can be charged through the power of the loop, the product is easily accessible to consumers because very few products of the same type have this feature.

+ With the characteristic red light of fire protection and extremely strong light intensity, the 4 LED lights of the SA340F fire alarm are always trusted by many contractors because of their assurance and maximum potential for alarm for users.

+ The alarm ability has been thoroughly optimized when the sound intensity of the siren is up to 95dBA per 1 meter.

+ Loop current < 15mA Diameter: 10cm, Height: 6.5cm.

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