Manufacture: DEKON
Product code: DEKON LE 505

The DEKON D-AA504 addressable fire alarm panel is designed by devices based on leading technology and microprocessors. Network connection and repeat board connection are integrated in the board. By connecting the Computer with an Ethernet connection, programming and monitoring can be done simply. The main goal of the device is robust design and simple user-friendly programming


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Dekon AA504 Addressable Fire Alarm Panels can be customized to extend the loop, saving you a great deal of money and time. The cabinet is made of metal to help the product operate stably and durable in a variety of environmental conditions. The AA504 central cabinet fully meets all user requirements.

When buying the AA504 cabinet, you can choose the cabinet versions. There are types 1 to 4 loops according to the needs of use. The ability to mount 250 to 1000 addressable devices is a big plus for the product. In addition, you can extend the cabinet's loops up to 16 loops through the easy connection of the LE505 loop expansion module.

Trên tủ có 16 đèn báo khu vực và bạn có thể mở rộng lên đến 250 khu vực, các thông số, nội dung khu vực được thiết lập dễ dàng theo yêu cầu của nhà thiết kế.

The information about the fire alarm system is displayed clearly and specifically through the screen with a resolution of up to 128x64, making it possible to review the work log, monitor the fire alarm system errors, check the inspection. all devices and more. The AA504 central cabinet can also alarm and report faults through the relays (RELAY) of the output and the monitoring system through the output side buzzer.

The RS485 standard, which helps connect and transmit data farther and faster, has been applied to the product and the production according to a strict production line system within the European standard framework EN54-2/4 has affirmed the company's brand. product. The AA504 central cabinet has truly affirmed its international position by carrying two languages: Turkish and English. Size: 34.5x36x10.5cm.

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