DCH-IR infrared beam detector (16580)

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: DCH-IR (16580)

Infrared (IR) Spark Detector
✔️Rear view, for ducts, machine interiors and other industrial applications in dark areas, It combines selectable outputs ,Output dry contact relay or 4-20 mA output, Sensitivity programmable. It incorporates filters and microprocessor analysis to eliminate false alarms , Spectral response in infrared: 1 to 3 μm , Power supply 24 V. 28 mA. IP65. Dimensions: 142 x 108 x 143 mm.


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Product information

+ Features

• Fast response time for intimate and dark areas

• High sensitivity to embers

• Selectable output options; 2 wire common, 4-20mA, Relay Contact (Fire/Fault, Pre-alarm - Latched or Non-latched)

• Selectable response rate

• Self-test of the remote control

• Low power consumption

+ Apps

• Agriculture

• Filling the bed

• Production of Chipboard / MDF

• Dryer

• Filter / dust collector

• Document

• Paper production

• Process the wood

+ Accessories

12290 Bayonet Mount 1” BSP / NPT male in galvanized steel

12564 2 Hole Mounting Flange

12561 Set of 4 Hole Mounting Flanges 1” BSP/NPT (Bayonet Mount sold separately 12290)

12217 Heavy Duty Stand With 1” BSP/NPT (Bayonet Mount sold separately 12290)

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