D7030X-S2 LED Display Board, Bosch Display Board 8 LEDs and 2 Monitors

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: D7030X-S2

D7030X-S2 LED display board is a Bosch display panel consisting of 8 LEDs and 2 monitors
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Detailed Description LED Display Board D7030X-S2

The D7030X home accessories work with FPA ‑ 1000 or FPD ‑ 7024 Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs). Consists of:

• The D7030X sets the location of the fire alarms in eight zones

• D7030X-S2 with two of eight dedicated LEDs for monitoring

• D7030X-S8 with all its eight LEDs dedicated to monitoring condition. These reporters can be individually labeled for quick area identification. Two LEDs are labeled for power and trouble. D7032 The eight-zone LED extender expands by eight zones that can be easily activated with extra pins.

- Use the same FPA 1000 or FPD 7024 FACPs

- LEDs indicate power, fault and zone status (6 alarms and 2 monitoring conditions)

- LED incorporates eight individual zones expandable to 64 zones

- Aesthetically attractive design, flush-mounts electrical boxes in surface or plane mount configurations

- UL/FM . List

Specifications LED Display Board D7030X-S2

Bảng hiển Thị LED D7030X-S2, Bảng hiển thị Bosch 8 đèn LED và 2 gám sát

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