D382 Bosch Macurco GD-2A Gas Detector

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: D382

Top 5 reviews !!! - 1000 comments on this fire alarm device D382 : Bosch Macurco GD-2A Gas Detector Is a Bosch UL standard fire alarm device,Special form for use in the kitchen ,Detects all gas fir leaks ,12 months warranty , Contact for advice and quote 0917.911.114


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Detailed description of D382 Bosch Macurco GD-2A Gas Detector

The D382 Flammable Gas Detector (Macurco GD ‑ 2A) detects the presence of flammable gases such as propane and natural gas (methane). It is rated by the Writers' Laboratory (UL) to alarm below 25% of the lower explosive level (LEL) of propane or methane. Use in non-hazardous locations such as homes, retail stores, office buildings, and institutional buildings. It is usually installed in rooms where gas appliances are located or in rooms prone to gas leaks.

- 12 VDC / VAC or 24 VDC / VAC . operation

- Self-purging semiconductor sensor requires no maintenance or recalibration

- SPDT alarm relays (Model C) and SPST fault relays (Model A) are designed for seamless connection to control panels or other devices - Installer can self-heal or latch function

- Red and green LED status lights

Specifications 382 Bosch Macurco GD-2A Gas Detector

D382 : Đầu Rò Khí Ga Bosch Macurco GD-2A

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