Current Fire Protection Smoke Mask And Details How To Use


Current Fire Protection Smoke Mask And Details How To Use

In most fires today, the first most necessary item to be safe in a fire is a fire protection mask. This is the safest armor when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones safe easily. escape from a fire when toxic gases are released from the fire. Many people still do not understand the current types of anti-smoke masks and how to use them. Below, Dong Nam will have an article to guide you in distinguishing between the most common fire protection smoke masks today and how to use them in the simplest way. Please follow along.

What are the most popular types of anti-smoke masks on the market today?

On the fire protection equipment market today, there are many different types of masks sold, but the most common are the 4 types of anti-smoke masks below. All of these masks are produced in different sizes suitable for all head sizes, including products specifically for children, who are most vulnerable to dangerous effects in fires, nowadays. Join Dong Nam to learn about the 4 types of masks above.

1: Russian Style Anti-Smoke Mask

This is a quite popular mask manufactured according to European standards, with a design that covers the face and head. The material that makes up this mask is natural latex, creating a comfortable feeling for the user. Easy to use, no unpleasant odor when used for a long time. The front of this mask is anti-vapor glass, making it easier for users to observe in all situations and weather.

This type of mask is produced for use in environments exposed to chemicals, pollution, dust, etc., helping users breathe easily and avoid heat radiation emitted from fires.

Mặt Nạ Chống Khói PCCC Hiện Nay Và Chi Tiết Cách Dùng

2: ECO PURE EPK-20 Anti-Smoke Mask Similar to the Russian-style mask ECO PURE EPK-20, it is designed to cover the whole head, made of elastic synthetic material, and has a thick glass layer to help protect the face from the effects of smoke. toxic and external forces related to the fire. The ECO PURE EPK-20 mask is designed with 2 high-tech filters, making this mask very effective in filtering toxic gases and can be used for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. The use of this type of PCCC anti-smoke mask is to help users avoid toxic gases caused by pollution, working in sometimes toxic environments. This type of mask is very popular in factories and agencies. or household because of its convenience

Mặt Nạ Chống Khói PCCC Hiện Nay Và Chi Tiết Cách Dùng

3: Korean Anti-Smoke Mask DOBU CM2 DOBU CM2 is constructed from highly fire-resistant material with a mask layer, filter mesh and is also designed to be a full-face hood. One special thing is that the air filter layer of this anti-smoke mask is very effective in filtering toxic gases into clean air, ensuring absolute safety for the user from being poisoned and being comfortable. causes discomfort during use DOBU CM2 masks are commonly used in working environments with extremely high levels of toxic gases, so they are mainly used in gas and chemical factories, coal mining...

Mặt Nạ Chống Khói PCCC Hiện Nay Và Chi Tiết Cách Dùng

4: Anti-Smoke Mask TZL30 Anti-Smoke Mask with code TZL30 is also designed as a hood, safely protecting the user's face from the harmful effects of temperature as well as toxic smoke from fires, the filter of this mask is discovered Prioritize filtering of toxic CO gas emitted during fires. With the ability to filter air and protect the user's face for up to 40 hours, the TZL30 Anti-Smoke Mask is mainly used in private homes, corporate offices, or normal factories.

Mặt Nạ Chống Khói PCCC Hiện Nay Và Chi Tiết Cách Dùng

Detailed Instructions on How to Use Anti-Smoke Mask

All types of masks from different manufacturers mostly have the same usage. Below are the steps to use an anti-smoke mask in the fastest and safest way.

Step 1: Bring the mask's wire hook to the bottom, then put on the anti-smoke mask

Step 2: Check that the mask is fixed to the head, the mask must be tightly covered

Step 3: Adjust the mask so that it fits tightly on the face and the wearer must feel comfortable without being irritated

Step 4: Finally, carefully check the type again to ensure the mask is most effective in the toxic gas room

Note: This toxic smoke mask can be reused many times. Or even when not in use, you must preserve the mask properly such as cleaning the mask periodically and keeping the mask in a well-ventilated place.

In addition, customers can refer to the types of gas masks and anti-virus masks that Dong Nam is providing at the link mặt nạ chống khói

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