COSMO-4W, I4 Series CO Combined Smoke Detector

Manufacture: System Sensor
Product code: COSMO-4W

OSMO-4W,Combined CO2 Smoke Detector / i4 Series makes best use of carbon monoxide (CO) smoke detection technology, integrates 4 wires in a single system-connected device, construction , price : Contact , 12 month warranty, nationwide delivery


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• One device for CO and smoke detection using fewer wires and fewer junction boxes

• Compatible with a wide range of consoles with use requiring the i4 Interface Module.

• Send separate smoke and CO signals to the control panel

• Temporal 3 sounds for smoke and Temporal 4 for CO

• Built-in 85dB . audio

• LEDs show both CO and smoke status

• External IR LEDs provide extended range sensitivity testing

• Flexible mounting bracket allows placement on a wall or ceiling

• Easily replaceable electrochemical CO cell with 10-year life timer alarm panel and chime to alert homeowners

• RealTest® allows for functional testing with canned CO

• Smoothing and deviation compensation algorithms provide false alarm immunity

• Compatible with SENS-RDR . sensitivity testers

• Entire body compliant with UL 268 and UL 2075 Specifications

Alarm power Max 40mA
Size Diameter: 5.5 in.; Depth: 2.5 in (including base)
Voice over In the home
Humidity 20-95% RH
Temperature 0-50 ° C (32 - 122 ° F)
Operating Volate Nominal: 12/24 VDC; Minimum; 8.5 VDC; Maximum: 35 VDC
Sound 85 dBA
Backup power Max 50 µA
Weight 9,2 oz. (261 g)
Standard COSMO-4W,Đầu báo khói kết hợp CO / Sê-ri i4

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