Conventional optical heat detector L-MC-SG

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: L-MC-SG

Conventional Radio Optical Thermocouple Detector ✔️Designed, manufactured and certified according to EN54-5, EN54-7 and EN54-25 standards, Includes light-reflected optical detection chamber and temperature thermistor circuit High definition , Class A1R Thermal Camera (measuring temperature at 58
°C) , Equipped with twin lithium batteries which guarantee detector operation for approximately 5 years ,fully supervised , Double led indicator , Selectable the sensitivity the software module SGCWE (Level 1 - Sensitivity 2% osc/m) , Mounted on ABS plastic housing Ø110 x 65 mm ,Working frequency 868MHz.


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Product information

+ Features

- Patented optical chamber design

- Combined heat and smoke sensor

- Performance optimization internal algorithm processing

- 3rd party approvals for EN54-5, EN54-7, EN54-25 & CEA4021

- Expected battery life 5 years

- Bidirectional wireless communication

- Using standard low-cost lithium battery technology 5-year product warranty

- Boost speed or high temperature operating mode on heat channel One color option available

+ Specifications

- Operating frequency range 868 - 870 MHz

- Maximum radiated power 5dBm (3mW)

- A type of FSK . radio signal modulation

- 7 . operating frequency channels

- One communication range with Interpreter Module or extension 150 m (in open space)

- IP rating 42

- Dimensions 110 mm x 54 mm

- Weight (without battery) 150g

- CR123A main battery (3 V & 1.2 Ah)

- Extra battery CR2032A (3 V & 0.24 Ah)

- Main battery life (typical) 5 years

- Extra battery life (typical) 2 months

- Operating temperature (no freezing) -10°C to +55°C

- BS EN 54-5: Heat detectors

- Point detectors

- EN54-7: Smoke detectors

- Spot detectors using light dispersion, transmitted light or ionization

- BS EN 54-25: Components using radio link and system requirements

- CEA4021: Requirements and test methods for multisensors

+ Dimension drawings

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