Conventional Automatic Fire Detector FAP 520, Smart Fire Alarm Device

Manufacture: INGESCO
Product code: FAP ‑ 520

EN54: Conventional Automatic Fire Detector FAP ‑ 520 improved LSN
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Product information

Detailed description of FAP 520 . Conventional Automatic Fire Detector

The FAP ‑ 520 automatic fire detector combines the advantages of innovative LSN technology with the aesthetic benefits of flush mounting and the option to colors. The detectors are specifically designed to connect to an enhanced version of the local security network LSN with greatly expanded system parameters. The FAP ‑ 520 is available as a scattered light smoke detector or as a multi-sensor detector with an additional gas sensor. The respective versions of the detectors are available in white or transparent toning color inserts.

- Modern design, super flat - Smooth detector surface, easy to clean

- Innovative fastening mechanism

- High reliability

- Maintain LSN loop functions in the event of wire interruptions or short circuits thanks to two built-in isolators

- Extended system parameters of LSN technology are improved

Specifications of FAP Conventional Automatic Fire Detector 520

Đầu Báo Cháy Tự ĐỘng Thông Thường FAP ‑ 520, Thiết Bị Báo Cháy thông Minh

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