Control Keyboard with LCD screen Bosch FMR-7033, Fire Alarm Device UL FM

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: FMR-7033

Control Keyboard with LCD screen Bosch FMR-7033
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Detailed description of Control Keyboard with LCD screen Bosch FMR-7033

The FMR LCD keypad ‑ 7033 combines remote control and controller functions for fire alarm systems controlled by the FPD ‑ 7024 Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). It operates identically to the interface. users on FACPs. You can connect up to four keyboards with FACP. The keyboard allows to initiate system tests locally, program the system, control the system and view the system event log remotely. It provides access codes for protected access to system functions allowing installation in areas open to the public. Two-line, 32-character LCD (liquid crystal display) for status and system event notifications. The top line provides general system state information, while the bottom line identifies specific devices or instructions. The four states indicate monitoring, alarm, trouble, and silence. A pull-out slide with the operating outfits behind the mounting base.

- Compatible with FACP 7024

- Two-line, 32 character, alphanumeric LCD display

- Status LEDs identify alarms, problems, monitoring and silent conditions

- Set the address by jumping

- Remote control of system commands and programming

- System access control passcode protection

- Low profile design

Specifications Bosch FMR-7033 . LCD screen combination control keyboard

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