Control Center 3 Pumps

Manufacture: TDK
Product code: TD-315B

Control Center 3 Pumps15HP: 2 electric pumps and a pump or also known as electric fire pump cabinet. The control cabinet uses the following equipment: Automatic control circuit according to pressure signal, automatic battery charger and electronic level controller.


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Product information


Origin Việt Nam
Product Code TD-315B
Capacity  15HP
Control System 3 Pump: 2 electric pump + pressure pump
Dimension 600x400x220mm

2. Advantage:

  • The system is stable.
  • Diesel pumps automatically start when a power failure occurs
  • Easy pressure setting
  • Simple operation.

3. Operating priciple:

- The control cabinet operates according to the pressure signal of the fire pipe.
- When a fire occurs, the fire valves will be opened so that the pressure on the pipe will fall below the set pressure.
- Electric pump will work.
- When the electric pump is suffering Diezen pump will start automatically.
- The Jockey Pump will operate when the pipe is leaking water.

4. Noted when using:

- Do not use buoyancy signal to stop pump due to lack of water
- Overload protection relays should not be used for electric motors in fire alarms
Should have full V, A, signal lights and phase loss devices
- It is recommended to set the signal relays for pump operation Pressure and electric pump to suit the field
- Should use automatic battery charger, do not use non-automatic battery charger
- Two batteries should be used to ensure that the Diesel pump is sure to start up right away
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