Construction of Meiji Water Hammer Fig.603b

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Construction of Meiji Water Hammer Fig.603b
⭐ The water hammer is supercharged or waved by the energy of the moving water when it is forced to stop or change direction suddenly  This abrupt stop leads to a tremendous pressure behind The back of the valve acts like a small explosion inside the pipe This surge of pressure bounces back through cutting the plumbing rattling and shaking the hose, until it is absorbed
⭐  Traps the air or the hose Stars are sometimes added as dampers to the system to provide a cushion to absorb the force of moving water to prevent damage. But if no air traps or pipe stands are present, expensive fixtures and equipment in the plumbing will fail as they are to absorb this pressure spike.


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Why use water hammer?

To prevent damage to plumbing caused by excessive water pressure. This pressure creates a potential for failure of plumbing connections, fixtures and applications! The use of water hammer is a plumbing that requires a code in many jurisdictions.

How to control water hammer?

The most common cost-effective means of controlling water hammer is a measure, the pneumatic cushion is permanently separated the water system. The water hammer applies an air buffer pressure and two O O bell ring pistons, permanently separating this air cushion the water system. When the valve closes and the water flow stops, the pressure spike pushes the piston up the cavity against the air cushion. The air cushion is an immediate reactant, absorbing the pressure spike that causes the water hammer. Water hammer is guaranteed to control water hammer problems for the life of your plumbing.

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