CO2 fire extinguisher powder ABC foam chemical water used to extinguish any fires


Instructions for using 5 types of fire extinguishers quickly and easily 1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguishers 2. Water Fire Extinguishers 3. ABC BC Powder Fire Extinguishers 4. Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers to ensure requirements training and use in fire safety.

Take a look at the fire extinguisher guides available on the market today to ensure that you use the correct type of fire extinguisher for your fire more effectively. So to find out which chemical water and ABC foam powder CO2 fire extinguishers are used to extinguish fires?, let's find out right after this article.

Bình chữa cháy CO2 bột ABC foam nước hoá chất dùng để dập tắt các đám cháy nào

ABC foam water chemical CO2 powder fire extinguisher is used to extinguish any fire


1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher

Also known as a CO2 fire extinguisher, this is the perfect fire extinguisher to tackle fires involving electrical equipment. This is the safest and most effective fire extinguishing method to prevent electric shock and limit the damage that fire can cause, especially useful for server rooms and computer equipment.

Bình chữa cháy CO2 bột ABC foam nước hoá chất dùng để dập tắt các đám cháy nào

Bình chữa cháy Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

>>> Instructions for using CO2 fire extinguisher >>>>

2. Foam fire extinguisher

Foam fire extinguishers are also known as AFFF, these are common water-based fire extinguishers, however foam will seal the fire with a foam membrane. They can be used on Class A fires (wood, textiles, fabrics, paper, etc.) as well as fires involving diesel, gasoline, oil and other flammable liquids.

Bình chữa cháy CO2 bột ABC foam nước hoá chất dùng để dập tắt các đám cháy nào

Bình chữa cháy bọt Foam

3. ABC BC powder fire extinguisher

- These ABC BC powder fire extinguishers work by coating whatever is fueling the fire with a solid substance, this prevents oxygen from fueling the fire and stops it from becoming active. There are several variations of powder fire extinguishers. - The most popular is the ABC powder fire extinguisher. It can be used to extinguish class A, B and C fires. It is popular due to its versatility, however it is not generally recommended for indoor use. According to British Standard 53056-8:2012, the discharge of a fire extinguisher can cause sudden visual and respiratory impairment - so it is not suitable for shops and offices. Fire extinguishers are recommended for high-risk areas such as vehicles and factories. BC-This powder fire extinguisher covers all fires except class A. Metal powder fire extinguisher - used mostly in laboratories. The powder settles on the fire to prevent it from spreading. L2- This is especially suitable for metal fires (such as Magnesium), while M28 covers most metal fires, with the exception of lithium Monnex Powder Fire Extinguisher- This is the most powerful powder fire extinguisher available. It uses a potassium-urea base to combat liquid and gas fires. It is ideal for high-risk industrial areas.



4. Water fire extinguisher

The oldest method of using water fire extinguishers ever. These tanks are filled with water (you'd never guess) and are perfect for extinguishing Class A fires. This includes burning wood, textiles, fabrics, and paper. Water fire extinguishers should definitely not be used on any type of electrical fire.

5. Wet chemical fire extinguisher

Wet chemicals are the only fire extinguishers safe to use on cooking oil and deep fryer fires but they also work on Class A (wood, fabric, etc.) and Class B (flammable liquid) fires. on fire). This makes them particularly suitable in commercial kitchens. Wet chemical fire extinguishers release a large layer of soap that forms a barrier and prevents the fire from spreading. The design of the tool means you can do this from a reasonable distance. Using any other type of fire extinguisher on a deep fryer or equivalent is extremely dangerous. So there you have it, a quick and easy guide to the different types of fire extinguishers and the fire extinguishers suitable for them. Make sure you always have the most suitable fire extinguishers available in your home or workplace. Our fire extinguishers are available with traditional red cylinders, as well as chrome, gold and bronze design bands. Conclusion: What types of fires can be used to extinguish CO2 ABC foam powder and chemical water fire extinguishers? It is a mandatory requirement for each of us to understand their firefighting functions to help ensure safe and effective use. quả.

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