CO2 fire extinguisher and how to use it


CO2 fire extinguisher is a type of cylinder containing CO2 - 790 degrees Celsius compressed with high pressure, portable inside. They are used to extinguish small fires when they first arise such as liquid and solid fires. It can be especially effective against chat rooms in basements, closed rooms or electric chat rooms. CO2 fire extinguishers are considered to be quite easy to use fire extinguishers with simple and convenient operations.

The structure of a CO2 fire extinguisher includes: Zinc latch, trigger, pressure gauge, tank cover and nozzle. When you detect a new fire, you need to immediately carry a CO2 fire extinguisher and follow these steps: One hand holds the spray speaker and points it at the fire source at a distance of at least 0.5m, with the other hand, open the lock. tank valve. When the tank valve is opened, thanks to the pressure difference, the liquid CO2 gas in the tank will escape through the spray speaker system and diving tube, then turn into gaseous snow with a coldness of up to -790 degrees Celsius. This cooling when encountering a fire can help reduce the concentration of the vapor mixture when burning, thereby cooling the fire area and extinguishing the fire quite effectively.


CO2 fire extinguisher and how to use it


However, when using a CO2 fire extinguisher, you still have to keep in mind the following:


- It is necessary to carefully read the instructions for using CO2 fire extinguishers, thereby firmly grasping the features and effects of each type of extinguisher to arrange installation and use most effectively.


- When the fire is completely extinguished, stop spraying. Depending on each fire, choose the appropriate spray location and distance. Do not spray down the liquid for liquid fires.


- For outdoor fires, using a CO2 fire extinguisher will not be very effective, but if you must use it, choose the windward side.


- Before spraying in a closed room, you need to notify everyone to go outside and plan an escape route for yourself after spraying.

- Only hold the plastic part as well as the rubber part on the nozzle and spray speaker.

When preserving CO2 cylinders, you also need to note the following:

- Do not use this fire extinguisher on fires containing alkaline earth, alkaline metals, pellets or coke, etc.

- When spraying, do not hold metal parts because they can cause cold burns.

- Use insulated boots and gloves when fighting fires on electrical equipment.

- Store the bottle in a dry, well-ventilated place, easily visible and convenient for use. Do not leave the tank in a place with a temperature greater than 550 degrees Celsius if you do not want the tank to explode and be inoperable when needed.

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