CO2 fire extinguisher 30kg

Manufacture: China
Product code: MTT30

The 30kg MTT30 CO2 Trolley Fire Extinguisher, with a cylindrical steel shell, is usually painted red, with the manufacturer's label and the tank's specifications.


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Product information
Type Trolley bottle 30kg
Brand China
Extinguishing Gas CO2

39kg CO2 fire extinguisher with shell made of steel, cylindrical shape, usually painted red, labeled with the manufacturer's label and specifications. Inside contains dry powder. The propellant gas is compressed directly in the tank or compressed the bottle mounted on the inside of the tank. Above the mouth of the tank is a set of relief valves, together with a valve lock and a pressure gauge. The nozzle and the spray speaker are attached to the exhaust valve assembly.

Bình chữa cháy CO2 30kg

Portable 30kg CO2 fire extinguisher used to extinguish small fires that have just arisen: Solid, liquid fires and highly effective for electrical equipment fires, fires in closed rooms, basements.

Do not use carbon dioxide to extinguish coal or red-hot metal fires, because:

CO2 + C  =  2CO ­

CO2 + M  =  MO  +  CO ­

CO is a toxic and highly explosive gas.

Bình chữa cháy CO2 30kg

Fire fighting principle of 30kg CO2 fire extinguisher. When opening the bottle, due to the difference in pressure, the liquid CO2 in the tank escapes through the diving tube system and the atomizer turns a form of carbon dioxide snow, as cold as - 78.90C. When sprayed on a fire, CO2 has the effect of diluting the concentration of the combustible gas mixture, and at the same time cooling the burning area, leading to fire suppression.

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