Clean gas fire extinguisher type 2kg 4Kg 5Kg 3Kg

Manufacture: IFP firecheck-Ấn độ

IFP FIRECHEK fm200 gas fire extinguisher co2 gas fire extinguisher co2 - mt5 gas fire extinguisher aerosol gas fire extinguisher 5kg co2 fire extinguisher 4.6kg yvc co2 fire extinguisher -10ii- extinguisher  sol gas fire extinguisher abc mfzl-4 + co2-mt3 gas fire extinguisher
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Product information

- Specifications of 2kg 4Kg 5Kg 3Kg clean gas fire extinguishers, India Integrated Fire equipment

- Fire extinguishing media (FE-36) supplied by M/S EI Dupont, USA, supplied and approved by UL, FM & ULC.

- Extinguish Class A, B and C fires. In the presence of halogenating agents, these clean agent fire extinguishers are also non-corrosive which makes them long lasting. Some of the application areas of these extinguishers include Process Control Rooms, Medical Diagnostic Centers, Data Processing Centers, Telecommunication Equipment, Power Generation Equipment, Clean Rooms and others.

Type 2kg,3kg,4kg,5kg
Brand IFP Firecheck
Capacity 2kg
Material Mild Steel
Usage/Application Fire class A, B and C
Tank type Dry ABC
Certifications ISI
Color Green
Discharge range 2,5 - 3 m
Condition/Warranty 100% new / 12 months warranty



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