China Foam Tank

Manufacture: Walter
Product code: Walter FT

China Foam Tank: 500L- 18000L Pressure Rate:12 Bar Flow Rate:4-200L/S


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China Foam Tank is used widely in places such as oil storage areas, chemical factory, hangars, oilfields, power plants, boilers, underground garages, dangerous warehouses, garage chemicals and so on.

Foam fire fighting included foam tank, foam bag, proportioner pressure , straws, safety valve, control valve and some assistant components and parts. As the flow of pressure passes through the mixer, the ratio of the mixer will shunt the flow of pressure in proportion, part of the liquid entering the liquid alternating fluid reservoir of the place with the capsules, extruding the foam bag and making the liquid and liquid foam selfmixing at a rate of 6% Or 3%. Fluid sponges can be mixed with supplies to the Foam Sprayer (foaming guns, foam guns, fire screens, etc.) and air bubbles and fire extinguishers.)

1- Material :Steel Carbon

2- Foam bag : rubber

3- Types : vertically or horizontally

4-Capacity  : 500L to 18000L



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