Check valve Check valve One-way valve MH-XQH-300

Manufacture: Ningjin AP
Product code: MH-XQH-300

Check valve One-way valve MH-XQH-300 is genuine imported by Southeast Company Ning Jin AP, quality assurance. With import CO, CQ certification. Contact 0917911114 for 24/7 consultation


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

Check valve Check valve One-way valve MH-XQH-300 One-way valve is a device that allows liquid - gas to pass only in a certain direction (one way) and prevents liquid - gas flow in the opposite direction, which is a device used to protect pipelines, in addition. The check valve also protects the equipment of the hydraulic circuit such as pipes, pumps, fire extinguishers. In addition, the valve also has the function of preventing the loss and loss of liquid - gas when there is a breakdown or leak of the pipeline.

One-way valve MH-XQH-300 is designed and manufactured by Ning Jin AP according to FM and UL standards, ensuring technical requirements, used for the installation of water pipelines for all industrial purposes. .

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