CD01 (CO) Standalone Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detector

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: CD01

Standalone carbon monoxide detector with CO level indicator
✔️ for household use. Including high autonomous battery (10 years) ,Audio signal > 85 dB at 3 m. Tri-color LED indicator (red, yellow, green), Mounting hardware included. Dimensions: 146 x 146 x 51 mm , EN 50291: 2010 certified.


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Type Electrochemical CO sensor
Working voltage 3 V DC
Type betery 3.0 V lithium
Preventive BAT < 6 uA (Average standby current is less than 6 uA during 10 min test. BAT cannot be tested within 5 min after device is turned on.)
Sensitivity level BAT< 60 mA
Sound level > 85 dB @ 3 m
Working temperature 40-100 °F (4.4-37.8 °C)
Humidity ≤ 85% ( non-condensing)
Safety standards EN 50291
Betery 10 years


Đầu báo khói carbon Monoxide độc lập CD01 (CO)

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