Catalog Aluminum ball valve for fire truck Shilla

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-48B-AE,SL-48B-AS,SL-48F-A,SL-48G-A,SL-48D-A

5 models of aluminum ball valves
✅ SL-48B-AE, SL-48B-AS, SL-48F-A, SL-48G-A, SL-48D-A used on fire trucks  Welded fire valves Nationwide, 12 months genuine warranty  nationwide delivery  24/7 free consultation


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Product information

- This is a lightweight, environmentally friendly fire extinguishing valve. Excellent usability performance even in harsh environments. - Structure: Aluminum

Catalogue Van bi nhôm dùng cho xe chữa cháy Shilla

- Specifications

Model Inlet Size Outlet Size Remarks
SL-48B-AE FLG 2-1/2” FE65 (Male) · Test pressure: 2MPa · Finishing : Anodizing · Flange : Construction: Aluminum Choice - Bronze, Ductile
SL-48B-AS FLG 2-1/2” FE65 (Male)
SL-48F-A FE65 (Female) FLG 2-1/2”
SL-48G-A FE65 (Male) FLG 2-1/2”
SL-48D-A FLG 2-1/2” FLG 2-1/2”/
FLG 2-1/2” FLG 2-1/2”/
PT 2-1/2” PT 2-1/2”


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