Car fire extinguishers can also explode


ar fire extinguisher is considered a "guardian" in every car when it can help you effectively prevent and overcome fires that happen to your car. However, in the process of preserving it, do you know how to properly preserve it? If not properly maintained, it can be dangerous to yourself while in the car.

If you are someone who regularly updates car news on hot days, you may have come across many topics about fire extinguishers on cars exploding or never being used or being affected by any outside influence. outside. This error can originate from causes such as a fire extinguisher placed too close to a place exposed to the sun such as the front dashboard, trunk, tray under the glass, etc.

Car fire extinguishers can also explode


- Most car fire extinguishers can only withstand a maximum temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, when you park your car in a place with 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the car can reach up to 60 degrees Celsius. In particular, the dashboard made of plastic or leather located under the car window will absorb heat from the sun directly, so the temperature in this area can range from 70 - 80 degrees Celsius - much higher. compared to the average tolerable threshold. When the temperature of the tank increases, the volume of liquid inside the tank increases, reaching a high enough pressure level that can cause the tank to explode, which is extremely dangerous.

- Tuy hiện tượng bình chữa cháy bị nổ không khiến xe bạn bị cháy nhưng chúng có thể gây mất an toàn cho tài xế, làm hư hỏng các bộ phận khác như bể dàn táp-lô, nứt kính,… Không những thế, bọt chữa cháy bên trong bình không hòa tan với nước, xăng và dầu, tính bền, không bốc hơi, có trọng lượng riêng nhẹ để dập tắt đám cháy, khiến cho việc tẩy rửa những chất bọt bị bắn vào nội thất xe là… bất khả thi. Khi đó các bạn sẽ phải tốn 1 mức chi phí kha khá cho việc tẩy rửa và làm sạch nội thất bên trong xe.

Here are 3 ways to properly preserve fire extinguishers in your vehicle:

  1. Do not place the bottle in places with direct sunlight and temperatures greater than 50 degrees Celsius.

  2. Only place the tank in locations inside the vehicle, within reach of the driver, so that when a sudden incident occurs, the driver can respond promptly. The best locations are underneath the driver's seat and hanging next to the front passenger's footrest.

  3. When you first buy it, test spray the fire extinguisher to understand the operation and reduce the pressure in the tank.


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