Buying Guide for Extinguisher Extinguishers


Buying Guide for Extinguisher Extinguishers

Using your home's fire extinguisher for a long time leads to damage. Choosing to buy a new fire extinguisher release valve becomes difficult when you are not knowledgeable about this product. Today Dong Nam will have the most detailed article about where to buy genuine Dong Nam fire extinguisher release valves, what the fire extinguisher release valve is like, and when you need to replace a valve. new discharge.

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When Should You Replace A New Extinguisher Drain Valve

When using a fire extinguisher for a long time, or not using the exhaust valve part of the extinguisher for a long time, the following problems will occur. The top of the tank discharge valve shows signs of rust, the fire extinguisher trigger is stuck, the fire extinguisher pressure gauge works abnormally, these are the basic signs that you need to check, and to ensure safety. customer should replace a new fire extinguisher valve

Structure Of A Fire Extinguisher Drain Valve

- The basic fire extinguisher discharge valve is made up of two main parts: the tank head valve and the pressure gauge.

- The tank head valve is one of the most important parts that needs to be replaced immediately when this device is damaged. The tank head valve assembly is made of stainless alloy or copper, inside this part is a one-way valve part, on top is the handle and trigger, the front of the valve assembly contains a cover, and a lead clamp to prevent air loss.

- Pressure gauge: The pressure gauge of the fire extinguisher discharge valve is divided into 2 or 3 colored lines. Some things to note when the clock reports different colors are as follows. When the meter turns green: the pressure is stable, just enough to push the powder out in the best way. Yellow indicator: pressure exceeds the specified level. And when the meter shows red: at this time the inert gas pressure is low enough to alert the need to add more gas urgently. In addition, there is a type of meter that only has two colors, blue: stable pressure enough for use. The rest is lack of pressure.

- Those are the things customers using fire extinguishers need to pay attention to with the discharge valve

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Where is the best place to buy a Fire Extinguisher Extinguisher Valve?

On the market today, there are many points that sell fire extinguisher discharge valves with many different models and types, but to buy yourself a genuine fire extinguisher discharge valve, come to Dong Nam.

- What standards are needed when buying a Fire Extinguisher Release Valve?

The exhaust valve part is said to be the most important part for a fire extinguisher, the standard to buy yourself a good exhaust valve is the origin, reasonable price, warranty.

- Buy the right discharge valve with the function of the tank: When choosing to replace and buy a new exhaust valve, customers should pay attention to choose the right type of discharge valve with the design of the tank shell, buying the wrong type and structure. These are the reasons that customers should buy fire extinguisher release valve products in Dong Nam

- The products of the fire extinguisher discharge valve are guaranteed to be genuine, the products are imported by the most prestigious manufacturing companies in the market for fire protection equipment.

- The product has a genuine warranty and can be completely replaced within 10 days due to manufacturer errors

- Extinguisher discharge valve products are available with many different production codes, suitable for all types of fire extinguisher shells. - The fire extinguisher discharge valve is always committed to the cheapest on the market thanks to importing goods directly from the factory without going through any intermediaries. In addition to fire extinguisher valve products, Southeast also has many other fire extinguisher accessories such as: fire extinguisher hose, fire extinguisher meter, fire extinguisher latch, fire extinguisher lead, extinguisher suction pipe fire, powder fire extinguisher head valve.. customers can easily choose replacement when the fire extinguisher has a problem

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