Butterfly Valve, Butterfly Valve

Manufacture: Malaysia
Product code: Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valve is used for fire protection water system, has the effect of preventing or allowing water to circulate when used for fire fighting.


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Product information

Valve body: Made of stainless steel, cast iron, steel or plastic, molded in one piece with connection holes to connect to pipes in the system.

Valve shaft: The part that connects the controller to the valve disc, this is the part that transmits the movement the controller to control the valve disc. Valve disc: Is a shield or butterfly wing that is responsible for opening and closing the valve door and regulating the flow of fluid through the valve, the valve disc is usually made of stainless steel, steel and cast iron.

Sealing part: this is a part that prevents leakage of refrigerant escaping when the valve is closed, they are usually rubber gaskets, PDFE, TEFLON.

Controller: The part that controls the valve opening and closing, which can be a handwheel, a lever, an electric control or a pneumatic control unit, this part will be connected to the valve shaft to transmit the movement to control the valve shaft.

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