Bosch Southeast, 8-Input Monitoring Module D704 and D7042B

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: D7042/D7042B

8-input monitoring module D7042 & D7042B
⭐ is a pccc device imported and distributed by Dong Nam company, genuine UL/FM fire alarm device, 100% genuine, 12 months warranty, Full delivery Nationwide, Contact: 0917.911.114 for technical advice and quotation


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Product information

Detailed description of 8-Input Monitoring Module D7042 & D7042B

D7042 listed in UL 864, 10th edition. D7042B listed in UL 864, 9th edition.D7042/B is compatible with fire alarm control panels of FPD-7024, D7024

and DS9400

. Modules connect to FACP via an expansion module. Using FPE 7039 with FACP of FPD-7024 or D7039

with FPDs 7024 or D7024

FACP. Using the DS9431 . multiplex expansion module

with DS9400

FACPs. The D7042 module comes with a plastic housing and can be mounted inside or outside the FACP housing. D7042B modules with red metal fire cover for reconnection. - Provides eight class B . initializer circuits

- Includes eight UL .

-listed EOL resistors

- Convenient plastic case (D7042) or red metal fireproof housing (D7042B) for remote mounting

- Easy to install

- Connection to the console multiplex bus via the MUX . expansion module

Specifications 8-Input Monitoring Module D7042 & D7042B


Bosch Đông Nam, Mô đun giám sát 8 ngõ vào D704 & /D7042B

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