Bosch Modules 8 Relays D7035 and D7035B, Octal Relay Modules

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: D7035 & D7035B

Module Bosch 8 Relay D7035 & D7035B is an addressable fire alarm device imported Bosch USA
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Detailed description of Bosch Module 8 Relay D7035 & D7035B

The D7035 Octal relay module family includes the D7035 and D7035B. The modules are compatible with the D7024 fire alarm control panel (FACP), FFPPFP-7024 or analog control panel / FPA 1000 address. The modules provide eight Form C relays for FACP. These relay outputs connect to the included FACP option bus. The relays can also be used to close outdoor doors, control fans, accessories, indicators, or dry contact input devices. Normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contacts can indicate alarm, monitoring or fault conditions. The outputs on these modules are programmable. Each output operates individually seven other parameters on the module for complete flexibility. Parameters can also be triggered by a number of different system events. Up to two octal relay modules are displayed on the FACP.

- Provides eight Form C . programmable relay outputs

- FACP . optional bus connection module

- The D7035 mounts conveniently inside the FACP housing without the need for a separate housing

- D7035B includes mounting skirt and cover for mounting outside of FACP case

- Up to two modules supported by FACP

Module Bosch 8 Rơ Le D7035 & D7035B, Octal Relay Modules

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