Bosch FPE‑1000‑N network card board

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: FPE‑1000‑N

Bosch FPE‑1000‑NF 2-port network card board connected to 1 Ethernet port
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Product information

Detailed description of Bosch FPE‑1000‑NF . network card board

Bo card nối mạng Bosch FPE‑1000‑N

The ‑1000 FPE fiber optic connector card provides two fiber ports for peer-to-peer communication and an additional Ethernet port for Ethernet communication, for IP reporting or browser-based dashboard programming.

- Provides media type change via RJ45 and fiber optic connections

- Provide an Ethernet port using CAT 5 or better

- Use simple plug-in connection with FPA 1000 V2

- Connection is Class A or Class B

- Provide a second power input port for normal network operation during maintenance

Specifications Bosch FPE‑1000‑NF . network card board

Current: 170 mA . max

Voltage (supplied FPA ‑ 1000 Mainboard and/or auxiliary power with 2-pin connector): 24 VDC Range: 20 VDC to 28 VDC

Environment: dry

Humidity: 95%

Temperature (operating): +32°F to +120°F (0°C to +49°C)

Ethernet connection cable connection distance connection type up to 328 ft. (100 m) minimum CAT 5 . cable

Fiber connection type connection distance: 6560 ft. (2000 m) or take up to 10 db of multimode fiber with LC connector; Fiber size 50 mm / 125 mm; Wavelength 1270nm to 1380nm

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