Bosch FIRERAY5000-UL Reflector Beam Smoke Detector, Hochiki Fire Alarm Beam Quote

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: FIRERAY5000-UL

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Product information

Detailed description of Bosch FIRERAY5000-UL Reflector Beam Smoke Detector

The Fireray 5000 ‑ UL linear smoke detector has a range of 26.25 ft to 330 ft (8 m to 100 m). A reflective prism enables accurate detection of smoke particles within a certain distance. For ranges 26.25 ft to 164 ft (8 m and 50 m), one prism is sufficient. For ranges between 164 ft and 330 ft (50 m to 100 m), four prisms are required. Additional prisms are included with the FRay 5000 ‑ LR Long Range Kit. The main application areas are large halls such as historical buildings, churches, museums, shopping malls, factories, warehouses, etc... Fireray 5000 linear smoke detectors are suitable for use. in areas with notable spot type probes. The Fireray 5000-UL Linear Smoke Detector can be upgraded with an additional FRAY5000-Head-UL Detector. The system controller can control two detectors. Each head can be programmed individually.

Slow changes in operating state (e.g. component aging, optical contamination, etc.) do not cause false alarms, but are compensated by automatic gain control. Every 15 minutes, the system state is calculated with the default reference value, and in case of deviation, automatically corrected to 0.17 dB/h. If the offset limit is reached, the error signal "Error" is indicated. If the infrared is obscured for 2 s and the radioactivity is greater than 87% and persists for 10 s and above (operational change is possible), the fault relay switches. The fault can be caused by an obstacle in the beam path, by reflector cover, etc. Once the wind is cleared, the relay fault is cleared and after 5 seconds the detector is automatically reset. reset to standard operation. The fire control panel must be reset separately. The system has an alarm output, which is a relay that has a free change contact contact potential.

- Extended monitoring range

- Up to 2 detectors per system controller

- Two pairs of fire and fault relays (one for each detector)

- Transmitter and receiver integrated one compact housing

- LASER alignment

- Self-linking during operation

- Eye-level remote control for easy setup and programming

- Automatic pollution compensation

- Control device with LED and LCD display

- various operating states

- Adjustable alarm threshold

Specifications Bosch FIRERAY5000-UL Reflector Beam Smoke Detector

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