Bosch FCS-320-TM Conventional Super Sensitive Smoke Detector

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: FCS-320-TM

EN54 : Conventional Super Sensitive Smoke Detector Bosch FCS-320-TM
⭐Has early detection function of possible fires in air conditioning ducts , Unlimited supply and quotation of Viking sprinkler nozzles Limited quantity, 12 months warranty, contact now: 0917.911.114


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Detailed description of conventional Super Sensitive Smoke Detector Bosch FCS-320-TM

FCS ‑ 320 ‑ TM's notorious area smoke detector for early fire detection in the area and equipment protection, as well as for protecting air conditioning equipment or ducts. The exact location of a fire can be pinpointed using innovative fire source identification. The FCS-320-TM smoke detector is equipped with the latest in fire detection technology. Infection resistance, temperature compensation of sensor signals and air pressure related initialization work reliably even in difficult environmental conditions.

- To connect to common fire boards

- High fraud alarm immunity with intelligent signal processing LOGIC · SENS Innovative fire source identification technology enables precise location of a fire by monitoring up to five separate zones

- Innovative airflow monitoring including single-hole monitoring that detects blockages and breaks

- Easy installation and operation by plug-and-play function - Easy to diagnose by FAS ASD DIAG . diagnostic software

- Simplified piping system planning through patented aspiration reduction films

Specifications of Bosch FCS-320-TM . Conventional Super Sensitive Smoke Detector

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